multiple servers

Aug 8, 2012 at 5:46 PM

Hi I am evaluating this CE system to build a case to buy the premium edition for 4 servers.

I have set everything up and followed your instructions to setup the SSIS to import from 2 servers. The problem is that everything seems to be importing except for the ExecutionLogs for the 2nd server. I have tried this multiple times now, dropping the Db and starting over each time.

If I import from server1 it will not import the logs from server2, but it will import the reports, machines, users etc from both servers. If I import from server2 first, it will import the logs just fine from that server but then it won't import them from server1.

Can you please help? I can't demo this to Sr Management until this issue is resolved. I'm using 2008R2. Thanks!